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OK, so it's a real bummer that David passed away. Another old Hollywood friend whose acting talents I will never get to enjoy again.

I first met David in 1969. He was looking to get into directing, and I was just making my transition from a successful stills fashion photographer to shooting feature films. He was looking for a DP, and I was looking for a feature film to shoot.

At the time, he was living with Barbara (Hershey) in one of those make-shift plywood squatters shacks in the Canyon. Hmmmnnn... I was thinking, not a very impressive domicile for someone who is putting a movie together.

We hung together quite a bit in those days. They moved from that shack to various houses (some just vacant houses, with no power), and we all had some pretty outrageous times together.

Contrary to some of the stories I have read, they were never really "down and out". Both David and Barbara had, at the time I first met them, appeared in many films and TV shows. They lived the way they did by choice and because the various herbs and powders they enjoyed ate up a lot of their disposable incomes. That's how things were in those days.


Do you believe dreams are for a reason?

Okay, gonna come off new-agey here, but I had a terrible nightmare that affected me so badly that I woke up shaking, heart pounding and a migraine that feels like my head is football helmet.  And it makes no sense but I AM SCARED that this means something.  I swear if someone touched me or comforted me right now I'd burst into tears. 

And the dream makes absolutely no sense and involves people from my past that are not in my life right now and Nathaniel, my 26 yr old son was in it BUT AS A CHILD.

Can I tell you guys this dream and see what you think?

Okay, it starts out beautifully....I mean really beautifully.  Nathaniel is a little boy playing in an in-ground pool at night.  My mother is sitting in a lounge chair at the side of the pool. [FYI - my mother passed away last year].  I turned off the lights and get into the pool with Nathaniel and hold him in my arms and we are just bobbing in a gentle circle and I am singing to him softly.  What was that song?  Oh, an old Donny Osmond song that goes, "I'll never let you go, why?  Because I love you."  Then my mother gets in the pool and she holds me and Nathaniel in her arms and the three of us are bobbing and singing softly in the darkened pool.  Beautiful, right?

Then, my husband Kevin shows up, turns on the lights and I see that he is with some floozy...and I mean floozy.  Overdone cakey makeup, teased out to there hair, big hoop earrings, tube top and stretch pants with high heel mules.  He tells me that she is just a friend who he is helping fix something.  I get out of the pool with alot of questions like why are you having to bring her HERE and what is it that is so important you have to fix right now?  Because its like 4 in the am, Kevin is coming home from closing the bars and I am up early to work out in the pool before getting ready for work and Nathaniel couldn't sleep so I allowed him to play in the pool since Grandma is there until Dad comes home.

Kevin shows me some plastic lid with a broken clasp.  I get irritated and throw it aside saying, "My god, you don't fix this, you just get another one.  Now YOU go away." [to the floozy]  Then Kevin says that he promised to by her a steak breakfast and I am going to give him the money.  By now all the neighbors are up and hearing all of this.  So after I scream "I'm NOT giving you money to take out some woman you met in a bar and brought to our house!"  I go inside to the kitchen to start breakfast. 

Then Rob[this is someone from my past.  We used to work together and were very close.  To get a picture of the kind of man Rob is, I joined his church, I went to his wife's concerts, her Pampered Chef parties and babysat their kids.  Rob tried to be friendly with Kevin, inviting him to male church events and play basketball with him and other guys.  My nickname for Rob was "Mr. Christian" because he was a devout Christain.  This is the guy Kevin accused me of having an affair with, going to the extreme of reading my personal diary.  Finding nothing BTW except for an entry where I wrote I wished that Kevin and Rob would become close friends and we could be couple-best friends and do things like have campfires with our families-Kevin was so ashamed that he confessed to me what he did] who in my dream was my neighbor shows up at the back door and just comes in.  I start to apologize for the screaming and his eyebrows go up and he just shrugs his shoulder ands says, "For what?"

Kevin follows me into the kitchen, sees Rob and won't look him in the face.  I could tell he wanted me to tell Rob to leave but couldn't say it outloud.  The Floozy comes into the kitchen.  When I see her I again tell her to leave but instead she just looks at Kevin and plants herself.  That is when I started to get the feeling Kevin is going to dump something major on me and she is there for morale support for Kevin.

I am stumbling around the kitchen trying not very well to get organized and tell Kevin again, I am not giving him any money for HER.  Kevin says that I will have to give him some money since he is supposed to take Nathaniel to the Dr.'s.  Just as I turn to ask him why he needs money for that, why can't the Dr.'s office just send the bill to the insurance company, Nathaniel comes in and begs for money for the Dr. because he is too embarrassed to go there unless we pay our bill.  I looked over at Kevin in complete confusion and Kevin has this look like I am acting really stupid.  Then he says, "I told you you shouldn't have filled out that form changing the coverage, now our medical bills are going to a collector, but Nathaniel HAS to go to this appointment for his diabetes[WHAT? Nathaniel isn't diabetic in real life - where the heckfire did THAT come from?]

Its starting to dawn on me that this is the setup.  Kevin goes to get some papers to prove to me I filled out some form that decreased our medical coverage and in the meantime I grab Floozy ear and drag her out of the kitchen telling her to LEAVE I MEAN IT.  Kevin doesn't even defend her.  He walks right past her ignoring her looks for help and spreads out in a messy manner a bunch of dogeared papers from a tattered file.  He's talking fast and drawing circles and arrows.  Once in in awhile he glances over his sholder to Rob, but Rob is just standing at the sink, arms crossed looking all bulgy like Mr. Clean as if he is carved in granite showing that he isn't going anywhere and his is paying close attention.  Since Nathaniel is part of the audience I am trying to keep myself civil and am trying to follow what Kevin is saying.

Then Rob's wife and some other women come over, just walk in the door.  The other ladies kind of surround me but Nathalie(Rob's wife) stands right next to me and I put my head on her shoulder and whisper that I want to just die.  Even though I have all this amazing strong emotional support from Rob and Natalie and what I think is our group of women friends, I know that Kevin is pulling something that is going to destroy me and my life and for the life of me, I am feeling so ashamed.

So.....THAT is when I wake up.  Sweating, shaking, heart and head pounding.  Just so you all know, I feel so much calmer now that I got it all down.  But I still have this feeling of dread.

What do you guys thinks?  I am at a loss.  Over a stupid dream.  Dreams are just random firing of neurons right?  Except I have had dreams that have come true.  So.   There is that.  Except this can't come true.  Kevin and I have been divorced for YEARS....Rob and Natalies moved far away, they are just occasional FB friends, Nathaniel does NOT have diabetes, never did and Mom passed away.

So....why this feeling that this means something?


Just wanted to share.....

I because a whopping $1 backer for "Rise of an Exile" through their FB page....just to , you know, feel like I am a infintisimal part of the process and supporter of Naveen.  Beside the warm and fuzzy, I was pretty pleased by the responses, whaddayaknow?

Response from "Rise of an Exile"

Dale Easterling January 14 at 7:32pm Report
Hello. I couldn't respond to your comment on Kickstarter. Naveen is very much still attached. In fact, it mentions that three times in the video. We're trying to get him and the other cast together to film a full trailer - and from there the feature film. Our investors just need something more substantial from us, and this trailer ought to do it. Thank you for your support! You're our first backer!

Response from "Hullo"
David Rodney Hulbert is raising funds for What if one word could change your life forever? "Hullo" on Kickstarter! "Hullo" is a feature film based on true events. Think "Crash" with an ensemble cast and "Vantage Point" in film style.
    • Hullo Thank you Janet Krouse for being our very first backer!!!
      December 27, 2010 at 1:02pm

Mention of Naveen Andrews in a new project


If ‘Yamla…’ does well, will bring its sequel: Sunny Deol

Chandigarh, Jan 9 – Sunny Deol, who is in his home state with father Dharmendra and brother Bobby to promote his forthcoming film ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’ that boasts of Punjabi tadka, says if the comedy garners good revenues at the box office they will make a sequel.

‘Whenever a film did well, we got a sequel to it. This trend is fast emerging in Bollywood. Therefore if ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’ does well, then we will also bring its sequel,’ said Sunny who was here to promote the film and is confident that the people of his state will welcome the movie.


‘We always like to come to Punjab and this time we have come for the promotion of our film. We don’t need to do anything extraordinary to attract the attention of the people here. We know that people of this state will always welcome us,’ said Sunny.


For the first time Deols are aggressively promoting a film.


‘We have realised the importance of marketing and promotion of films. That is why this time all three of us are together promoting the film in various cities as wells as through television and other mediums. Our audiences expect this from us, so we are doing it,’ said Sunny who is happy with the response so far.


‘So far the response to the film’s promos is very encouraging and it has seen countless hits on the internet. Initially, papa was not very sure about the film, but gradually we convinced him. This film is more special as it also marks papa’s 50 years in Bollywood,’ said the 54-year-old who has good projects in hand.


‘Currently, I am working on two projects. One is a romantic comedy with Kangana Ranaut and Naveen Andrews and in the other I am playing a Sikh Sanskrit teacher,’ he said.


Releasing Friday, director Samir Karnik’s film will have real life father-sons playing the same roles on the screen four years after ‘Apne’ that came in 2007. Dharmendra describes ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’ as ‘muscular comedy’.


‘Earlier, we had acted together in ‘Apne’ that was released in 2007. With that film, we made people cry, therefore we decided that with our next film we will make them laugh. Now we are ready with ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’, which is a pure muscular comedy,’ Dharmendra, 75, told IANS.


‘I am feeling very satisfied with the making of the film and now enthusiastically waiting for the release. Earlier, we had floated the title ‘Trouble Shrouble’, then ‘Trouble Double’, but finally settled on ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’,’ said Dharmendra.


Dharmendra grew up in Sahnewal village near Ludhiana where his father was a school headmaster. Now the place has developed into a small town.


About his Bollywood journey, Dharmendra said: ‘I am satisfied with my journey in Bollywood. I deliberately kept myself away from cinema for the last few years because I was not getting the kind of role I wanted. I couldn’t actually relate to them. But now I am all set to make a strong comeback.’


The film will see the yesteryears star having a very unique and funny relationship with Bobby in the film – both of them live in Benares and treat each other like best buddies and do all kind of funny stuff together. Sunny plays Dharmendra’s estranged son who comes all the way from Canada to India in search of his dad and brother.



Pretty classy that Harold answered my question on his FB posting, but sucks that Naveen wasn't there......news about Naveen has been like a dry dry desert lately.....I SO need a fix, and I know you guys do also!

Harold Perrineau Great time seeing old friends at the Bad Robot party last night @Terry O'Quinn and @Michael Emerson.6 hours ago · · ·
36 people like this.
    • Thea DiBuono I was going to ask if you'd see ME!!!! Is he still funny??? I miss him.
      4 hours ago · ·
    • Brian Wildman what is the bad robot party?
      4 hours ago · ·
    • Janet Smuda Krouse Was Naveen Andrews there?
      4 hours ago ·
    • Tanja Simonides I know the Bad Robot, but what did you do on his party? A party is drinking, eating and dancing *lol* Robots can´t eat and drink... Ahhh you danced! Bad? ;)
      3 hours ago · ·
    • Harold Perrineau Is Michael Emerson still funny? That's like saying are we still friends Thea? Its a def yes!!!
      3 hours ago · ·
    • Harold Perrineau No Naveen Andrews, he's missed.
      3 hours ago · ·

Naveen mets up with Russell Brand

Once a flirt, always a flirt! Newlywed Russell Brand met up with some pals at Red Rock on Sunset today - including Lost star Naveen Andrews - took a call (maybe from his harmonious wife Katy Perry?) and finally stopped by Coffee Bean to get caffeinated. Russell also got a little flirty with a cute blonde at the coffeehouse... guess she's a fan! And while we're sure it was just a little harmless chatter, you know Katy would not approve

Nice answer from the "Hullo" facebook page

Janet Smuda Krouse:   Is it confirmed that Naveen Andrews is going to be in this film? The part of a taxi driver doesn't sound like it is a very big part. I was hoping the next time we see Naveen again it would be in a main role.
November 18 at 9:40am · Like · Comment

Hullo:   Its actually a very big and important role. it is a turning point in the film and a guardian angel for the main characters. His character's story is also being written into a feature length pre-quel to Hullo.
42 minutes ago · Like ·

Janet Smuda Krouse: OMG, that is SO EXCITING! Thank you SO MUCH for letting me know this! I positively cannot WAIT for this to come to the theaters and I hope and pray the pre-quel gets made with Naveen also! Wooo-hoooo

Naveen has changed agents


  • whoRepresents?com Newsletter October 25, 2010 Sent Monday, October 25, 2010
    • Actor Naveen Andrews has a new agent, signing with Ken Kaplan at Gersh.  He is managed by Renee Jennett